Mary DeMocker writer, activist, artivist, speaker, climate change




I work to stop climate bullies, inspire people feeling disempowered, and have a blast along the way. I do that by writing a lot, designing interactive art spectacles to engage the public, and rabble-rousing with 350 Eugene (I’m co-founder and creative director). Join me.

  • I’m thrilled to be working with Jason Gardner of New World Library on my book Once Upon a Time We Saved the World: 100 Empowering Ways Parents Can Reclaim the Future (winter 2018 release).
  • This month, my play “The Wooden Horse of Troy” will be performed by a fifth grade class in Johannesburg, South Africa, and two classes on the east coast of the US.
  • Save the Date: 350 Eugene hosts one of thousands of international actions April 29, 2017 for climate justice. Stay tuned for details.

Exuberant Avaaz 2.5 minute video – Tour of 2300 worldwide events highlights Eugene’s!