Re-Storying our Future through Music, Writing, and Interactive Art

Re-story: to restore; to tell a new story about what is possible on this precious planet

“If Your House Is On Fire: Interview with Kathleen Dean Moore on the Moral Urgency of Climate Change” - Sun Magazine
Can’t Do Anything About It? Watch me – Dealing with the climate’s change’s New Deniers – The Oregonian
Why Jail May Be My Home for the Holidays” Why we’ll risk arrest to stop Keystone -Register-Guard (used different title)
“A Mother’s Uncivil Disobedience”   If we want to save the planet, we’d better get a little hysterical – Eugene Weekly
“Sidewalk or Street?” A mom struggles with the threat of climate chaos  – Oregon Quarterly
“Mandalas of Motherhood”  Colored sand, dirty diapers, and a spiritual revelation – Mothering.com
“Adorning the Air with Mistakes” Music as prayer – Folk Harp Journal
Video highlights of Sun Magazine interview with Kathleen Dean Moore
“Re-Storying the World”  Stories can help us create a just and healthy future  -  The Colonygram

Click here to view Mary’s 2012 “Happening People” profile in Eugene Weekly.

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    "The North Pole Is Going Green!" will appear in the next issue of the quarterly journal ISLE, Interdisciplinary Studies for Literature and the Environment. When Santa realizes his role in the melting of his beloved North Pole, he announces he'll "go green" himself.