Re-Storying our Future through Music, Writing, and Interactive Art

Re-story: to restore; to tell a new story about what is possible on this precious planet

Favorite Articles:
Why Jail May Be My Home for the Holidays Why we’ll risk arrest to stop Keystone – Register-Guard Commentary
Can’t Do Anything About It? Watch Me – Dealing with climate’s change’s New Deniers – The Oregonian Commentary
A Mother’s Uncivil Disobedience”
   Saving the planet may require a little hysteria - Eugene Weekly Commentary
Re-Storying the World  Stories can help us create a just and healthy future  –  The Colonygram
11-Year-Old Takes Vow of Silence Demanding Climate Action - EcoWatch
Natural Law - Will kids win the legal right to survive? – Oregon Quarterly
If Your House Is On Fire: Interview with Kathleen Dean Moore on the Moral Urgency of Climate ChangeSun Magazine
Let’s Give the Gift Every Grad Needs: A Liveable PlanetRegister Guard Commentary
Mandalas of Motherhood  Colored sand, dirty diapers, and a spiritual revelation – Mothering.com
The North Pole Is Going Green!  Santa has an epiphany – ISLE (Oxford University Press)
Adorning the Air with Mistakes Music as prayer – Folk Harp Journal
Video highlights of Sun Magazine interview with Kathleen Dean Moore

Click here to view Mary’s 2012 “Happening People” profile in Eugene Weekly.

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  • Current and Upcoming

    "CONDEMNED? You Decide" up now. Our interactive front lawn installation (that condemned houses on my block and put a huge pipeline across their yards) continues on a smaller scale on my block. This seizure of peoples' land for pipelines is happening in many parts of the US--and may happen in our own state if this fracked-gas-for-export pipeline goes through.

    Now - June 11th: "Call to Oregon Writers" Project. I'm asking Oregon writers of any ability level to join me in informing readers everywhere about the disastrous fracked-gas-for-export pipeline slated for our state. We're feverishly writing op-eds, letters, and articles aimed at forcing leaders to stop it. See 350 Eugene website.