Sue the Grown-Ups!

When 60 fifth-graders found out about kids suing the government for wrecking the planet, they leapt in to help. Here’s the extraordinary thing that happened next.

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Amplify Youth Voices

No one has more right to demand climate justice than children, who will be around longer than us, confronting the climate beast we’ve unleashed. Here’s how to help them speak up for themselves.

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Unplug the Kids

Nothing has been harder in our parenting than dealing with screens. Here are family-tested ways to keep kids happily engaged with the world and one another.

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Dress Up Your Door

It started with “The Graveyard We Need” as part of the neighborhood Halloween decorations. That led, four years later, to a 450-person human art project in downtown Eugene.

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Book Launch Party at Tsunami Books

OPEN HOUSE & READING for Mary’s new book Tsunami Book Store in Eugene, Oregon. Author Mary DeMocker, co-founder of’s Eugene chapter, shares humorous stories from her 21 years of trying to raise happy, well-adjusted kids while also protecting their habitat.

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It’s the Killing Season: Get the Glue Gun

It’s nature’s “killing season,” when everything is tested; to participate in March’s explosion of new life, everything–animals, plants, appliances, careers, relationships–must first withstand February’s decay.

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Bundy Didn’t Just Seize My Bird Refuge

He Hijacked My Brain. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I study Gandhi. I’ve always steered my kids from violence in word, deed, and entertainment, nixing bloody comics and first-person shooter games.

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On Fragility

I’m starting a new series about things that delight, surprise, or amuse me. They make my heart leap and remind me that life on Planet Earth is dazzling and that countless earthly and human creations –and sometimes co-creations–are worth my humble Climate Mom rescue efforts.

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Articles by Mary

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