Media about Mary’s New Book

“Here to Help: Books for Teaching Climate Change to Children”
Lisa Friedman, The New York Times, Sept 2018

Yale Climate Connections Podcast and Article,
“New Book is a Guide for Parents Who Want to Act on Climate”, June 2018

“The Go-to How-to For Parenting in the Age of Climate Change”
Review by Wendy Becktold, Sierra Magazine, Sept 2018

Bob Doppelt features the book in his Register Guard column, July 2018

“Empowering our Children” – Book Review by Eugene Weekly, July 2018

Book Review by Barbara Lloyd McMichael of Bookmonger
On the Coast Weekend website, June 2018

Aspire Magazine Article: “Five Ways to Help Kids Relax (So They Can Change the World)” by Mary DeMocker

What Matters Most podcast: Interview by Paul Samuel Dolman
Interview with Mary DeMocker, May 2018

The Classical Ideas Podcast
Ep 58 with Mary DeMocker from Eugene’s chapter discusses her new book The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution, out now from New World Library, as well as spiritual practices and religious leaders involved in the climate fight.

Yale Climate Connections
Book Reviews: Climate change communication and activism, April 2018

AM Northwest TV show
An interview with Mary DeMocker on April 13th, 2018 on KATU AM Northwest television show.

Street Roots Interview
Read this interview with Mary DeMocker about her new book, The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution.

Jefferson Public Radio
Radio interview with Mary DeMocker on the Jefferson Exchange Program, April 2018

Voice America
Radio interview with Mary DeMocker on Express Yourself Teen Radio, April 2018

CEO Money Radio Interview
With Mary DeMocker, May 2018

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