Articles by Mary DeMocker

Before It’s Too Late: Mary Christina Wood On Avoiding Climate Disaster  The Sun magazine

Get Clear on Why There’s Hope  book excerpt, New World Library

“The Heat Is On” USA TODAY Magazine

If Your House Is On Fire: Interview with Kathleen Dean Moore on the Moral Urgency of Climate Change– Sun Magazine

Youth and the Power of Street Democracy  Bifrost

Spring Forward Into Global Weirding– Spirituality & Health Magazine

11-Year-Old Takes Vow of Silence Demanding Climate Action
Common Dreams

Natural Law Oregon Quarterly

Mandalas of Motherhood: 
Colored Sand, Dirty Diapers, and a Spiritual Revelation–

The North Pole Is Going Green!  Santa has an epiphany– ISLE (Oxford University Press)

Can’t Do Anything About It? Watch Me
Climates Change’s New Deniers– The Oregonian

Grab Your Climate Cape– Eugene Weekly

Video Interview with Kathleen Dean Moore

Five Ways to Help Kids Relax (So They Can Change the World)  Aspire Magazine 

Why Jail May Be My Home for the Holidays Register Guard

Re-Storying the World– The Colonygram

Let’s Give the Gift Every Grad Needs: A Livable Planet Register Guard

A Prayer for Children Trying to Save the WorldRegister Guard

Mary’s Blog

On Fragility

On Fragility

I’m starting a new series about things that delight, surprise, or amuse me. They make my heart leap and remind me that life on Planet Earth is dazzling and that countless earthly and human creations –and sometimes co-creations–are worth my humble Climate Mom rescue efforts.

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My Dysfunctional Form of Prayer

My Dysfunctional Form of Prayer

I don’t have a genre. I have an agenda—climate recovery–so I write stories of what’s possible, using whatever medium serves my message and reaches people.

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Scared of jail. Terrified of the alternative.

Last Wednesday at the Eugene Federal Building, I delivered, along with two dozen other climate activists, a letter to Those In Charge. What did I write to denizens of the shiny behemoth that seems better suited to the Death Star than to our liberal hamlet?

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“Frankenstorm”: Freak weather or angry gods?

Usually I try to ignore the football games, talking heads, and any image of Romney. But today, the cloud whorls on those cartoon-ish meteorological maps churn over the northeast, where 90% of my huge family and countless friends from my first 26 years hunker down from North Carolina to Maine. Everyone predicts chaos.

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Teachers and Mountaintops

It’s seven a.m. on a school day and I write from atop Mt. Pisgah. The sun burns through the early morning haze enough for a glimpse of real mountains—snow-capped Cascades—that heft themselves over these hills.

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Gratitude for Lunch

As we perform the morning routine, I cheerfully inquire, multiple times, “Want eggs?” I can’t hear the either mumbled or non-existent answer and finally declare, “I’m cooking eggs unless you shout ‘cereal’ in the next two seconds.”

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