On Cocoa Lattes, Flipping Georgia, and my First TEDx Talk!

Feb 25, 2021 | Activism, Home Page Slider

Happy pandemic-y holidays!

May this find you and yours well and safe. I took a nice, month-long social media break after the election, and am now back with some holiday cheer and — ta-da — my first TEDx talk!

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In “Re-Story Our Future with Your Creativity,” I share how my family, with local activists, has used art protest to playfully –and effectively– fight for climate justice. In it, you’ll learn:

* Why most of us are telling the wrong stories about the future — and at the worst time imaginable

* Why using the arts works — and makes us happier

* Step-by-step tips to help you share simple, creative ideas in public — even during a pandemic

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Then, treat yourself to this almond milk cacao latte . . .

This no-dairy, no-sugar delight has brought us absurd amounts of pleasure.

Almond milk cacao latte

Stir small amount of milk with unsweetened cacao powder. When mixed, add  more milk –about 1/2 c per serving– and gently heat. Add salt, honey, and cinnamon to taste + any desired exotics like turmeric, cayenne, coconut butter, or peppermint oil. Pour into mug — should fill halfway. Rinse pan and add enough milk to fill mugs rest of the way. Heat, then froth milk with handheld frother. Pour hot milk into mug, sprinkling cinnamon or nutmeg on top. Boom — pandemic therapy in a mug!

Would you like a ** book ** to go with that latte? 

My publisher, New World Library, has a sale through Dec. 21st on ALL titles, including The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution.
Or buy on Amazon, through your local independent bookstore, or from Tsunami Books here in Eugene. For $16.95, they’ll send it FREE anywhere in the US. And it’ll probably have my autograph in it!

In 2021, we’ll push for long overdue climate action. What can we do in coming weeks to ensure real action over the next four years?

1) Give money, phone bank, write op-eds or send letters & good vibes to:

2)  Find out if you’re part of the global elite driving climate breakdown in this BBC article; then, reflect on how you might want to slash emissions.

3) Rest up. Connect safely. Give yourself and others a megadose of love and compassion this year.

Sending you light, love, and deep peace,


PS: Save March 4th for our panel “Talking with and Empowering Youth in the Climate Crisis” at the 2021 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

PPS: Typical covid view of my dear son and his partner. Can’t wait to hug them again when it’s safe!

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