My Very Own Super Tuesday

Mar 4, 2020 | Activism

I’m writing on Super Tuesday, two weeks after my very own Super Tuesday 2/20/2020. I’d started that day feeling low, sure that my multiple interviews and pitches with big venues were DOA. My pathetic revolution and I were washed up.

Then, a Google alert. The Washington Post had finally run the article “Parents can’t fix climate change with life hacks” I’d been interviewed for. Hurrah! But wait, another Google alert: Yes! Magazine’s “How to Raise Climate-Resilient Kids” was also out! An hour later, KQED radio said “yes!” to interviewing me on Forum with the legendary Michael Krasny (listen to my response to the caller telling me to “stop talking.”) That evening, two more venues scheduled me for workshops.

Wow! One dead-of-winter day. Five big yesses. The revolution lives! Time to go on tour. . .

It was a watershed tour last week, emotionally speaking, because I met so many fired-up kids and parents. I finally have the sense that even though the overall climate movement (including, sorry to say) has yet to appreciate and leverage the political power of parents’ love, organizing skill, and social capital, the media and overall public are starting to get it. Countless parents and teachers, like those who gathered with me to organize Earth Day 2020 student strikes, are springing into action to amplify youth voices.

I also fell in love with my fellow writers for Daily Dose: Feminist Voices for a Green New Deal. Our blog launches TODAY! Subscribe free here and check out Aya de Leon’s piece on race, climate, and a rodent gone missing.

Also, my Sierra Magazine article about eco-anxiety is up. It begins with my 4- y.o. nephew saying, “I don’t want to be alive anymore.”

Lastly, our intergenerational panel “Empowering Kids in the Climate Crisis” at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference was cancelled due to coronavirus. (Ironically, this year’s theme is Migration.)

My Super Brief Super Tuesday Commentary

I hereby predict a Sanders surge today. Why? Because I meet countless young people who are terrified by climate inaction and enraged at our generation’s reluctance to relinquish the status quo that’s literally killing the planet. Only Sanders and Warren propose the sweeping systemic changes scientists insist we need to avoid climate tipping points.

Radical? Yup. Necessary? Yup. Possible? Young people think so.
That’s why the Sunrise Movement is already out there en masse for Bernie—and why I’ll help them elect him or someone they can push for a Green New Deal. Wanna help me help them?

With love and determination,

PS: Enjoy these highlights from the tour: Clockwise from upper left; Betty and I and Michael Krasny; discovered my shoes on the wrong feet after an exciting interview; a young Sunrise activist named Pablo in Petaluma; a bookseller and her mom introduced me at Napa Bookmine.

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