Appendix A: Sample Divestment Letter

Apr 5, 2020 | Book / Activism Resources

This is a sample letter you can use to ask others to divest from fossil-fuel-related companies. For more on this, see “Divest. Get Everyone To.” (page 209). Personalize it in your own way and send to religious institutions, local governments, educational institutions, businesses, and your aunt Sarah.

Dear [Institution/Person you know]:

It’s wrong to wreck the planet. It’s also wrong to profit from wrecking the planet.

As a parent, I find fossil-fuel investments particularly immoral because the world’s poor — disproportionately made up of women and children — are the least responsible for climate chaos, yet suffer first and worst from its effects.

Will you join the growing global movement to divest from corporations that recklessly — and knowingly — ruin our planet?

Shell Oil and ExxonMobil have known for decades that their product is dangerously heating the planet. Yet both, along with other fossil-fuel companies, funded misinformation campaigns about the reality and causes of global warming. It’s long past time to revoke their social license.

Please, divest from the coal, oil, and gas companies incinerating our children’s futures.

Fossil-free investment is good business: Fossil-free portfolios increasingly perform better than their fossil-fuel counterparts, which now grow more vulnerable as the carbon bubble expands.

By investing in solutions, you’ll accelerate the desperately needed transition to a clean-energy future. With solar and wind prices plummeting worldwide, you’ll also profit. 

Win for you, win for families! 

For fossil-free investment information, please visit any of these sites:

Thanks for divesting today!


[Your name here]


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