“Re-Storying” & “Front Lawn Theater” Explained

Feb 27, 2012 | Activism, Creativity

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I believe the stories we tell determine our future. My story is that people, even busy moms, though they rarely believe it, hold profound power to transform everything, right now, through our attitudes and actions. And because so much is at stake—the planet’s very ability to sustain life—our voices have never mattered more. Re-storying–creating new stories about what is possible–requires imagination and the courage to leave our comfort zones.

Lately I’ve left my comfort zone to dress one public/private space I control–my front lawn.  Using minimal money and artistic skill, I, with my family’s help, make “Front Lawn Theater” installations that offer questions, affirmations, or challenges the passerby is free to take up or ignore. Each one addresses a specific social or environmental issue. This blog will include posts about using that humble stage to re-story ourselves to planetary health and social renewal while having fun along the way.

“If we are reluctant to change, it may be because we don’t have enough good stories about how we might live and thrive on this changing planet. Engineers have some ideas about greener technology, but as big a challenge is to imagine new ways of thinking about what we value the most — success, community, happiness, and human thriving.”
~ Charles Goodrich

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